White Moon, Black Moon - 53CD

by frostlake

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Lute FP Not sure what to say about this, except it reminds me of many things. It is more a conjurer of feeling and emotion than a specific sound.

Electronic, folk, ethereal harmonized vocals, trance-inducing. And dark. Sounds of Silence.

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White Moon,Black Moon is the debut album for frostlake, female songstress and instrumentalist.

"Here is a collection of songs with an eerie strangeness and English ethereal quality, with haunting melodies, layered vocals and unusual sounds. The material is observational and reflective - a door opened into thoughts of nature, love, loss and re-birth, using direct and simple lyrics. The music is awash with atmospheric touches, takes unexpected directions and creates a distinctive soundscape, spanning genres of British psychedelia and electronica. Guitars are used as a framework with individual note picking anchored by lyrical bass patterns and lifted with soaring woodwinds and distant voicings.

This is a work of fragile beauty, assembled with a fine sense of balance and atmospherics and designed to lull you into its many depths. In that regard it has a sense of cold, stillness and mystic beauty, like forest pond in midwinter" - NEIL NIXON, author 500 Albums You Won't Believe Until You Hear Them


released July 22, 2015

frostlake: voice, guitars, electronics, viola, accordion, keys, percussion
Terry Todd : bass
Andy Peake: piano, synth
Nigel Manning: flute
Martin Archer: clarinets, percussion
Mick Somerset: bass clarinet, bass flute, bass recorder, percussion
Charlie Collins: percussion
Steve Dinsdale: drums


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Discus Music Sheffield, UK

Discus Music was founded in 1994 by Martin Archer and Mick Beck, and is the CD imprint for their many and various projects, plus those of selected colleagues. Limited in its scope only by the imagination of the artists, the sounds to be found on the label vary between electronic rock music, free jazz, extended songform, improvised music, and other releases which simply cannot be categorised. ... more

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Track Name: Black Winter
Black Winter

Flying fast, out through the grey
down below fields fall away
Earth stands still but I can’t stay
Looking down, black trees stripped bare,
shadowed fields leading somewhere
Leave behind all that I know,
over now, so I must go with the air

Over hills, sheep lying low
(over the hills, over the flow of the snow, over and)
Blackened shapes under the snow
(over the fields nearer the glow, sinking low, over and )
Over now, so I will go with the air
(over the hills, life that I know fading slow)
Track Name: No Looking Back
No Looking Back

Where’s this car going, pointed somewhere?
No way of knowing, don’t really care,
just want to leave this madness behind,
follow a road that has clearer signs
Drive through the night, into the light
leave it behind, empty the mind
Rain on your face, clouds in your head
once words are written they can’t be unread
No looking back, forward instead
once words are spoken they can’t be unsaid
Track Name: Snowlight

Winter walking in the lowlight
whirring moths of snow brush past,
silhouetted in the car lights
thickly curtained falling fast
There’s an eerie silent blackness
suffocated muffled sound
Thudding footsteps crisp the darkness
pulsing beat beneath the ground

Clinging softly, frosted plumage
feathers branches clawing night
Life suspended on a knife edge
smothered forms in sculptured white
Why is beauty terrifying?
Trees collapse with weight of snow
No-one hears the cries of dying
hidden under snow on snow
hidden under snow on snow
Track Name: Falling Through Shadows
Falling Through Shadows

Wait in the dark turn out the light, let the moon light up the room
where the shadows are falling in line with the thoughts left behind
Shapes shift and fall, force you to cling to the wall
deep in the shadows that climb through the holes that define
all the space in your mind
When morning comes all will be gone from this room
falling through shadows that slide round the edge of the eyes
Pray the light will return and the shadows will burn
Track Name: Dark Winds
Dark Winds

Bars of light break the night, wreaths of breath cloud the air,
muffled voices inside, clink of glass in the glare
She’s outside in the dark wondering which way to go,
feels the pull of the wind looking back to the glow
Are these winds of change that scream through the trees,
calling for her to set herself free?
Night flying winds chase down the moon

She’s drawn to the power, repelled by the force
Lost in the thoughts of parallel course
Winds of release are hard to ignore,
steps back inside, closes the door
Night flying winds chase down the moon
Track Name: Connection

Why do thoughts slip away, disconnect from conversation-
to hang on to the thread of whatever’s being said is hard
We have no real connection, no lines of communication,
so why can’t we stop talking whenever we get together, it’s strange
Transfixed by your stare I’m pinned to the chair
I’m lost in the glare, this basilisk stare
Something draws us in or is it my imagination,
captured close within a circle of concentration
Connection or mis-direction, or trying to be heard
above conversation…conversation…..
Track Name: NightWatch

Thoughts fill the silence, light dims the eyes,
drowsy yet weightless
Watching the shadows flicker in flames,
floating yet anchored
Wood reflects light, light reflects stone
Hissing through quiet flames dance alone
Wood reflects light, light reflects stone
Dreaming through hours night stands alone,
Skin ripples and shivers, veins pulsing beneath
Warmth floods the feelings
Breathe out, breathe in
Breathe out, breathe in……
Track Name: Quiet Storm
Quiet Storm

Face is a shadow can’t see anymore,
outline is blurred, dark shape on the floor
Floodwaters rising, walls flicker light,
mirrors are sinking reflections in white
Not sure if I’m right, would prefer to be wrong
This feeling inside has been growing too long
Memories flooding hope in the eye,
surrendering truth in the face of a lie
Darkness is silent, quiet storm grows
deep as this river, beware it’s overflow
Beware it, I will overflow
Track Name: Endless Rain
Endless Rain

Without warning the grey birds fly,
trailing through wing brushed air, leave a passing sigh
Mist is creeping through silent holes, creeping round corners
feels more like winter cold
In wet streets are the lamplights, waiting,
Black seal shining, the potholes gaping
Endless rain rushes falling leaves,
falling in, falling into pools surrounding the patient trees
So what happened to Summer weather,
will we suffer this rain forever?
Will it float us away
Give me some sunlight then maybe you’d stay
Where do birds go to hide from rain
think I’ll join in their waiting game
Grey geese circle the western sky
flying south, flying off to chase the sun,
it’s their last goodbye
Rain’s dissolving the fading year
fading in, fading into frosty air, see it disappear…
Track Name: Thin Red Line
Thin Red Line

Heat pouring in under the skin,
eyelids so thin the sun can creep in
behind tired eyes, where floaters uncurl
drift up and down, kaleidoscope swirl
This is the hour, this is the time,
all thought suspended on one, thin red line

Dragonflies dance, glittering whirr
skimming the water in cellophane blur
Surface dissolving as curious newts
float up and down in two-tone suits
This is the hour, this is the time,
all thoughts suspended on one, thin red line

Swim through the light, reaching that shore
where you don’t have to think anymore
This is the hour, this is the time,
all thoughts suspended on one, thin red line
Track Name: SpringCall

So Winter is over, a soft rain is falling,
a cold wind still blowing but gently is calling
The ice melts, collapsing, imprisons things growing,
a weak sun blinks slowly where water is flowing,
and so I remember the promise you gave me,
it drifted so slowly, was gone by December
Oh, drifted with the snow
The snowfall encasing my cold world, all frozen
and dark days, embracing with chilled arms
enfolding the stillness of morning
now frost disappears from footprints
all glistening with sunlight, not tears

But Winter is over, a soft rain is falling,
returning with songbirds and hope in the flowering
The world spins, beginning to come round to living
I’ll rise to the Spring call now Winter is over
The world spins, beginning to come round to living
I’ll rise to the Spring call, now Winter is over
Now Winter is over
Track Name: White Moon, Black Moon
White Moon, Black Moon

Oooh, sweeter than sunrise, oooh swifter than light,
is that look in your eyes, gives me delight
Take me away now, far from this world,
no need for tomorrow let this night unfurl

Oooh ,white moon is shaping curves in your back
Oooh, fingertips tracing white into black
Take me away, falling through space,
need no tomorrow, black moon embrace

White moon, black moon
White moon, black moon

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