Army Of Briars - 30CD

by Army Of Briars

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To fall 02:27
to fall to fall all is powder an infinity of gems or like water to be in place and falling as all falls through the universe the dandelion clock the blue lit earth the flower of light where you lie in the tall grass at rest on everything where all rests falling parts of the snowflake veins of the land of the leaf of light suspend you their delicate touch connecting you
Four riddles 03:53
4 riddles 1 I am the tree with a single silver leaf I am the strong wall surrounding the butterfly I am the voice of fire I am the teeth of a loving vixen I am the daydream of the axe I am the rose in an army of briars I am the stone that holds the river I am the bright heart of a black oak 2 I am the shepherd of the golden oak leaves I am the dancer in the rain I am the archer of a thousand petals I am the audience of the bee I am the hunter with two green hounds I am the partner of the wren I am the weaver with green needles I am the smith of a thousand green spears 3 I have been alone on the mountain I have been the manuscript of fog I have been the watching forest I have been the tongue of a boar I have been hunted and escaped to safety I have been the starving gold I have been the silver salmon I sang with the mouth of ocean I have drowned in golden pollen I made the music of wind over ice 4 I am the sleeper by a running tide I am water that you cannot drink I am a castle ruined by forgetting I am a story where there are no mouths
mist on the barrows the tall grass seethes with messages in this running mist nothing is there everything is there soundless invisible things come close to us as if the earth the whole earth were a spring the grass moves trembling they come in the music of flies and crickets lost remaining voices in the distance of their voices passing the mist runs with them these graves are monuments to the body to the greatness of the body
the deep park the deep park abandoned to growth left to abandoned things to abandon what will happen? no ideas but in things but a long wait for things to wake the song: sleeps exposed as if in a bare wood in the act of the rook landing silent on the chimney pot sleeps in the boy shouting over a busy road in the gull miles from the sea’s edge sleeps in the witness sleeps in the green daylight vast polluting inertia plucked in strong wind like the circling hands of the chestnut wakes called harp wakes the park strung with windlines of pelting leaves and rain this buried idea? only acorn opening heavy doors of cloud hints without body a weather forecast preparing though the leaves are all ready to fall I want to fly relaxing into the future what gravity they hold
A lesson 02:34
a lesson watch jackdaws curving out on the cliff’s updraft: there is a shape only known by attending it changes but does not fade though gulls pass through it a path in all dimensions they laugh about and write black calligraphers on blue-silver distance to sit a part of this
hunting stone and light hunting stone and light immobile under shadow as music plays on stone under smoky rainclouds the washing slaps in a flood of wind some suddenness of sun and shadow to focus the flickering arterial ray of birch the buds know only to attend to fill with the big bang’s unceasing star tide to flood into leaf into the tree’s dragon into the lava-flow of spring down the forest-side keep silent in the mystified green the birds will speak bird to you a great burden to carry back to cities and to sense who remains in the flood of sun but the sun’s vessel? who can bear the terror and grace of the beech tree but a falling seed? armies come to the border sleeping i cannot turn them aside who will burn in their fires but the wood’s submission? the hall of the wood of the inner eye stays a moment its roof of green light constantly reforming the song stands you there beneath it the song remembers you unbroken
Who but i ate the fruit of your lips i am dead and a voice sings me who but i ate the fruit of your lips i sing spinners to shatter the sycamore run naked on the bare hill’s pelt found again and flayed i choose to die as myself by the sea i fought coal and mud on the pointless tightrope those that pursue me once were men nevertheless i have not been broken nevertheless i sing in the meadow i have wrestled with the commands of oak i have burnt in the skin of a tulip i have laid down ready to die and yet i live and breathe i have been lost in the winter thorns yet i walk here on the high downs singing i am lost and a voice finds me soaked to the skin on an empty highway shocked by the realm of rain passing ghosts of ice walking empty pastures i found fire in the breast of a raven i was the fox whose mouth was outlawed i was the mouth of nine raging elms i put my head in the dandelion’s mouth i was the danger of the iris sword of silk at the throat of the king who but i escaped long labour to feast on blackberries and dew
I travelled north to hide I travelled north to hide in the long light’s white skeins the cities frozen puddles scratched crystals all things stand naked all things cast shadow the dirt itself I travelled north to hide in the black gale a long drag lit with take-aways the cities in rivers of scent night has no stories only the precious muck of now I travelled north to hide in the loving silk of rain miles of iron horizon the road reflects rags of sky under the trees a drumming of feathers wet camouflage of beech bark wet star-chart of ferns a solo crow’s reminder I travelled north to hide in the ghost-park on the abandoned bandstand to sing this ditty into all the universe jets etch the flawless sky wet leather of the bright oak’s leaves magnesium piercing over snow-moor I woke from long terror my face on the grass after all things were looted I woke to all things I was an axe broken on stone I was a massacre of ants I was a dimension filled with death I broke on the city like surf yet I woke and danced through leaves by the decrepit factory whatever I did I could not starve words ran to me for protection I held close to angels while the traffic fought I saw the absolute moonlit fox walk through the streets like a forest I was a treasure smuggled past x-rays by remembering I saw the same open sky’s cathedral every day for a thousand years I slept and woke again and slept and still the garden persisted still my love cut me living from the gallows and healed me under a roof of thorn
on nine barrow down bright orange frills of funghi on broken gorsewood: apricot/fireheart/lilypad the gorse in bud yellow as buttercups below: mist oozes round pineblack islands and onto the harbour raises white peaks and long dragon’s backs inland on the river the larks come close playtime sounds clear across the valley rooks gliding and calling circle away northwards i walk the nine wavering necklaces of high larksong the ghosts sleep it’s soft words of birds i can’t decipher rhythmic whisper of two rooks wings passing earth sings I am the lover of all I see
where the blue goes dark and birdless where the blue goes dark and birdless among animals of air i was waiting i was empty for the wound of the world up here only blindness and acceptance the single falling seed on the seedhead of worlds half-erased white ghost-shapes high in blue space veer and spread unfurl like faded messages a hand has torn the sky open its lining silver-beyond-blue where you fly lost in the universe all your pain forgotten distracted forever by the endless painless fall over blue
I am the gatherer of excited moons I am the rider of green ribbons I am the caretaker of white I find paths for the soft to blunder I am the familiar of brown women I have seen the lie of the land I am the leader of delicate dragons I bring the future safe to market I have walked the empty downs


The kind of album you can only make once in a lifetime.... Beautiful and evocative texts by Keith Jafrate, set to music by Tim Cole, arranged for live instruments and electronics by Martin Archer and sung by Julie Cole. An album of songs so challenging to write and record that we were never able to follow it up - it stands as a record of our commitment to push our individual skills to their limits by taking these songforms and extending them into new sonic territory.

To hear more from Tim & Julie, visit their own page -


released February 1, 2021

Army of Briars:
Julie Cole – voice. Tim Cole – guitar, keyboards, voice.
Keith Jafrate – words. Martin Archer – woodwind, keyboards, laptop.

Thanks to – Mike Ward – bass flute. Julian Cole – electric violin. Terry Todd – fretless bass guitar. Toni Howden, Richard Shaw, James Parkinson, Danny Brooks, Matthew Mills – brass quintet.

Except where noted, all songs have music by Tim, words by Keith and arrangements by Martin. Music on tracks 4 and 11 and brass arrangement on track 9 by Tim and Martin. Vocal arrangements by the group.

Recorded 2005 – 2007 by Charlie Collins at the Sound Kitchen and by Martin Archer at Telecottage. Produced by Charlie Collins.

Artwork by Helen Cole.


all rights reserved



Discus Music Sheffield, UK

Discus Music was founded in 1994 by Martin Archer. The label releases leftfield rock music, free jazz, extended songform, electronics, improvised music, and other sounds which defy categorisation.

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